Reuniting to celebrate the evolution of our sector

When we created the Festival of Financial Planning in 2017 it was a bit of a risk. We were clear that conferences in our sector needed more vibrancy and a fun factor to help change perceptions that personal finance was dull and boring.

But as the professional body we didn’t want to create the impression that our standards had become lax. From the incredible feedback we received it is obvious that the event struck the right balance of professional learning, albeit with a more colourful and entertaining backdrop.

As you might imagine it requires a significant resource investment to put on an event for thousands of people and we certainly couldn’t justify it every year. But for a sector that is constantly under the regulatory microscope it is essential that we cut through the negative noise from time to time to celebrate all the good things that are contributing to our evolution.

As a sector we have more challenges than most, but we are also in the unique position that our profession can, and does, have the potential to change lives. By helping consumers to understand the meaning of money, by helping them organise their finances and by creating financial plans that give them confidence to pursue their dreams and aspirations.

Festival ’21 gives us an exciting opportunity for our profession to reunite and relax to a carnival rhythm!

Keith Richards
CEO, Personal Finance Society